Sunday, January 8, 2012

Reflection on the course.

When I opted to participate in this course, I never thought that I would do so many things. Actually this course changed my perception about blogs. I used to think that blogs are just used for discussions only. Now I know that they can be used for training as well.

I liked the way the instructor/trainer conducted it, very simple and anybody could understand what to do and how to do it. Fiona is a great trainer.

Sometimes if I look at my blog. I wonder if I really did all that. It is amazing and I have gained a lot of knowledge through the blog which I am willing to pass over to my teachers. What is interesting is that teachers can be trained while they are at their respective schools and they do not need to travel to a common destination.

I want to thank Fiona once more.

Reflection for Week 3

Wow. This is the only word that can describe the week three activity. I did so many things that I thought I could not do. I managed to add a photo, and I went a step further to add a powerpoint presentation and a video on the subject.

This as I said earlier on is a "wow" to me. I hope the teachers will be able to do these staff and make their lessons interesting.

Monday, November 28, 2011

Reflection for Week 2.

In the beginning I struggled a bit about Vokis, embeding a document, but after realising how easy it is to do it, I never stopped. I am now addicted. Attending the webinars also assited me a lot.

What will we do without our able facilitator. Fiona, the youth always say it, "You rock".

Let us practice

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Reflection for Week 1

I have just created my blog on Idioms about Animals. This is targeting the Grades 8 - 11 learners. This is my first experience and I hope that I will get more information from my colleagues.

Last week on Thursday I was involved with the first webinar for this course. This was also the first time to be engaged in a webinar. Fiona, Maggie and Brenda made it look so simple and I was really proud of myself at the end of the discussion.My family were eager to find out why I was from time to time telling them to be quiet as I was in a workshop while I was sitting in the lounge. I explained to them what was happening and they were really excited.

I hope the next session will be just as exciting.