Monday, November 28, 2011

Reflection for Week 2.

In the beginning I struggled a bit about Vokis, embeding a document, but after realising how easy it is to do it, I never stopped. I am now addicted. Attending the webinars also assited me a lot.

What will we do without our able facilitator. Fiona, the youth always say it, "You rock".

Let us practice

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Reflection for Week 1

I have just created my blog on Idioms about Animals. This is targeting the Grades 8 - 11 learners. This is my first experience and I hope that I will get more information from my colleagues.

Last week on Thursday I was involved with the first webinar for this course. This was also the first time to be engaged in a webinar. Fiona, Maggie and Brenda made it look so simple and I was really proud of myself at the end of the discussion.My family were eager to find out why I was from time to time telling them to be quiet as I was in a workshop while I was sitting in the lounge. I explained to them what was happening and they were really excited.

I hope the next session will be just as exciting.